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Alumina Ceramic (Al995)

Alumina Ceramic (Al995)

Material: AL995
ROHS & REACH compliant

Physical Properties

Density 3.86 g/cm3
Composition Al2O3 99.5%
Color white
Porosity 0.5%
Max working temperature 1725 C

Thermal Properties

Specific heat 880 j/kg .K (at 100C)
Conductivity 29.3 W/m.K (at 20C)
Expansion 6.9 10-6/ C
Shock resistance 160C

Mechanical Properties

Hardness 14.3 GPA
Poisson's ratio --
Modulus of rupture --
Young's modulus 370 GPa
Compressive strength 2070 MPa
Tensile strength 310 MPa

Chemical Properties

Acid resistance    excellent
Alkali resistance excellent

Electrical Properties

Resistivity >1014 Ohm cm (at 20C)
Dielectric constant 9.58 K  at 10MHz