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Fused Silica (Quartz)

Fused Silica (Quartz)

Material: Spectrosil 2000
ROHS & REACH compliant

Physical properties density 2.20 g/cm3
  composition SiO2 99.99%
  max working temperature 1800-2200 C
Thermal properties strain point 950 C     893C
  annealing point 1100C   1042C
  softening point 1585C    1710c
  expansion 0.52- 0.54 10-6 / K
  specific heat 750 j/kg  K (at 20C)
  conductivity 1.3-2  W/m K (at 20C)
Mechanical properties hardness 14.3 GPA
  Poissons ratio 0.16
  modulus of rupture 52 GPA
  youngs modulus 740 GPa
  compressive strenght 2070 MPa
  tensile strength 310 MPa
Chemical properties acid resistance   weight loss 0.1 mg/dm2
  alkali resistance  weight loss 50 mg/dm2
Electrical properties resistivity 2*1014 Ohm cm (at 20C)

ULTRAVIOLET  -  Spectrosil 2000 ultraviolet

INFRARED  -  Spectrosil 2000infrared
Courtesy of Saint Gobain Quartz