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Round Strontium Fluoride Windows

Strontium Fluroide (SrF2) is used for a small range of special optical applications. Its optical properties are intermediate to Calcium and Barium Fluoride.

  • Tolerances: +/-0.1mm
  • Polish: 80/50 or Better
  • Edges Ground Finish
  • Orientation: Random; <100> or <110> Available


Part # Description Diameter Thickness
8W22.2X1MMSRF2 22.2mm Strontium Fluoride Round Window 22.2mm 1.0mm
8W24.8X2MMSRF2 24.8mm Strontium Fluoride Round Window 24.8mm 2.0mm
8W28X1MMSRF2 28.0mm Strontium Fluoride Round Window 28.0mm 1.0mm